Water Quality
Monitoring System
By awaVision

Awa Instruments Pte Ltd | Depuis 1997

Water Quality Monitoring System
by awaVision

awaVision & awaVision (Stainless Steel)
awaVision™ – Water Quality Monitoring System

Behold the awaVision™, where vigilance and responsiveness meet.

You never have to worry about abnormal water conditions going unnoticed with this automated monitoring system awaVision™, and its stainless-steel variant. We ensure it remains alert 24/7 to take care of your fish’s environment and notify your control station operator whenever conditions are suboptimal, so that you and your staff can take action when necessary, and maximise the remaining time for other things that matter.

How awaVision™ helps you

awaVision™ analyses fish activity with computer vision. This means it is completely automated, and conducts surveillance 24/7, so that we can keep a close look out for your fish’s behaviour, to detect abnormal events like water contamination, and alert you or your staff promptly.

Despite our leading technology, awaVision™ helps you remain competitive by allowing you to reap considerable cost savings. In addition to the reduced need for manual monitoring, our efficient system takes care of your spending with its low reagent consumption and maintenance costs.

At Awa Instruments, we treasure long-term partnerships, so this opens doors for services more than just monitoring fish activity; you could also stand to enjoy extended technological solutions for other living bio-entities in future.

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