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Lab Instruments BOD Measurement (Biosens)

BioSens – Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Monitoring System Environmental responsibility at your convenience.
With BioSens, you get quick and accurate results right in your laboratory. Our revolutionary measuring technique ensures that BioSens measure the actual BOD levels of your samples within just 40 minutes and not a correlation with COD or TOC values. Never again do you have to wait for days like when you were using systems that operate on the BOD3 and BOD 5 methods.

Why BOD matters?
BOD indicates the consumption of dissolved oxygen (DO) by micro-organisms when they breakdown bio-degradable substances in waste waters through oxidation. Waste waters with high BOD contain dangerous levels of microorganisms that deplete DO quickly. When waste waters with high BOD are discharged into common streams and rivers, the ecosystem is threatened as aquatic life suffocate and decline. It is therefore important for us to play our role in monitoring the BOD of our disposals so that we may keep them within the levels prescribed by the regulatory authorities, and conduct waste treatment promptly whenever necessary. With the growing concerns for environmental awareness and sustainability, staying responsible benefits not just the environment, but also our business in the long run.

How BioSens helps you?
Gone are the days where we needed to conduct intricate steps like dilution, incubation or titration that comes with traditional methods. With our uniquely patented Bio sensor, you can now measure actual BOD contaminant of your waste samples within a short span of time. Our graphical touchscreen user interface allows you to navigate functions and view results with unprecedented convenience, all at your fingertips. Keeping daily records will also be no fuss at all with our USB and Ethernet ports, as you may export, store, and view data reports almost instantaneously on external platforms. With effective and consistent monitoring of effluents, you will be able to refine your waste management processes to enhance efficiency, and enjoy hassle-free regulatory inspections and compliance. That is how BioSens makes staying responsible easy, so that you make better use of resources for your business developments in the long run.

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