Technology Brand
Depuis 1997

Awa Instruments Pte Ltd | Depuis 1997

Awa Instruments Pte Ltd

Water Online Analyser Technology Brand | Depuis 1997

A leading Water Analyser Manufacturer, Awa Instruments (Awa) started humbly in Singapore since 1997 by its capable founders to serve the Asian and International market in manufacturing water analysers with innovative technology. With worldwide demand on water pollution, Awa leveraged on it to develop innovative advanced water analysers by forming suitable technology alliances, and developing technology for monitoring and analysing water effectively.

The water analyser that Awa own today are based on UV spectroscopy; each has differentiating qualities of being user-friendly, competent advanced technology and economically efficient with a high sensitivity to ensure quality results. This has anchored Awa to be known as one of the Water Analyser Manufacturer in Asia, accomplishing many global partnerships around the world.

Achieving notable successes for being the pioneer in developing the Fish Activity Monitoring System (FAMS), and was the first main contractor awarded a public tender to install, commission and maintain PUB Fish Activity Monitoring System (FAMS) islandwide in Singapore and Malaysia, Johor Bahru in 2012.

Awa thrive on innovations; we believe in controlling the quality of our products from inception to delivery. To ensure the highest quality, we remain committed in using quality parts in manufacturing and all products are in compliance with CE directives and our manufacturing facilities are
ISO 9001 certified.

In Awa, your needs for comprehensive and reliable water analysers are our priority. For over 22 years, Awa has fulfilled thriving demands across the continent, delivering one of the leading and most complete suite of technologies in Asia.

From our prominent beginnings as a dominant manufacturer back in 1997, to our remarkable portfolio of distinguished clientele now, an enduring culture of excellence remains unchanged - our unwavering dedication to quality and commitment to our customers. Awa has ventured into the field of water pollution monitoring to serve the growing needs of our clients worldwide. The future holds endless possibilities for us to further our research and expertise, build meaningful partnerships, and discover innovative applications with technology.

In Awa, we empower and trust our people. Employee is stakeholders in our organisation. We create a healthy and secure environment to meet their needs, so that we are motivated to pursue excellence for another 50 years to meet customer needs.

Making a difference as an international business marketplace, Awa also supports humanitarian work wholeheartedly in developing countries to build homes, religious places of worship and feeding the natives in different countries.