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Color Online Analyser

Awa Instruments Pte Ltd | Depuis 1997

Color Online Analyser

Awa Color of Water Analyser is a state-of-the-art water monitoring system specially designed for reliability, durability and environmentally friendly. Most importantly, it is back by 20 years of expertise in this field.

Designed in compliance with CE electromagnetic standards and using watertight IP54 enclosure, the Color Analyser is the ideal instrument for industrial application such as:

  • Water treatment plants
  • Industrial effluents monitoring
  • River monitoring
  • Chemical, oil and food industries

Advantages of On-line Analysis

  • UV lamp that can last 10 years lifetime
  • Better reliable sampling pump that is able to reach a pump height of up to 5 meters
  • No toxic chemical needed for reaction
  • Quick testing time, in less than 5 minutes
  • Good repeatability by automation measurement
  • Auto cleaning features that can be programmable
  • Interval testing made possible depends on user requirements
  • Test on demand available for ad-hoc measurement
  • Manual datalogging with RS232 download (Standard)
  • Connectivity to PLC or wireless network by means of 4-20mA output or RS485 (optional)
  • Monitoring of multiple streams (up to 4) possible by multiplexing configuration (built-in feature)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Possible optional add-on for pH and TDS/EC

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