Water Solutions

CX Series – Water Online Analyser

Enjoy versatility and precision, all in this efficient and compact modular system, the UVpcx

We have designed and crafted this cutting-edge water monitoring system to maximise your analysing potential for various applications while minimising energy and resource usage at the same time.

More than just the common optical methods and the use of electrodes, UVpcx’s composite system offers Ultra-Violet spectroscopy that conducts water analysis for a wider range of parameters in the most reliable and stable conditions known.

Where multi-parametric analysis is concerned, usually to fulfil environmental regulations for drinking or waste water, UVpcx equips you with the full array of monitoring capabilities.


What UVpcx measures

  • CX3000 COD
  • CX4000 Ammonia
  • CX5000 Colour
  • CX6000 Oil In Water / Phenol
  • CX7000 Chlorophyll
  • CX8000 Nitrate
  • CX9000 Hydrogen Sulphide
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Turbidity
  • Conductivity

Configure this water monitoring system to suit your specific requirements by simply combining different modular units.

Where mono-parametric monitoring is critical, typically in process control applications, UVpcx enhances your competitive edge with its significant cost savings.


Where UVpcx can be used

Complying with CE electromagnetic standards, complete with a watertight IP54 box, UXpcx is the ideal instrument for a range of industrial applications.

  • Water treatment plants
  • Industrial effluents monitoring
  • River monitoring
  • Chemical, oil and food industries

Colorimetric Water Online Analyser (CL Series)

CL Series – Colorimetric Water Online Analyser

Redefine comprehensiveness with our CL Series.


If you are looking for an analyser, one single solution on which you can satisfy a massive parametric profile, you may look no further. Our CL Series Colorimetric Water Online Analyser boasts an 18-parameter range, with the use of carefully controlled reagents that accurately identify and measure your intended contents across numerous applications.


What CL Series measures

  • CL102 Ammonium
  • CL112 Nitrite
  • CL201 Phosphate (Yellow / Blue)
  • CL213 Total Phosphorus (Yellow / Blue)
  • CL301 Silica
  • CL323 Hardness
  • CL402 Chloride
  • CL412 Chlorine
  • CL502 Chromium (VI)
  • CL603 Cyanide
  • CL701 Hydrazine
  • CL822 Sulfate
  • CL912 Aluminum


Where CL Series can be used

  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Industrial applications
  • Surface water monitoring
  • Ultra-pure water
  • Steam and condensate water
  • Osmosis plants
  • Ion exchange systems
  • Boiler feed water
  • Demineralisers
  • Process control
  • Process optimisation of waste water treatment plants
  • Monitoring of industrial water
  • Activated sludge basins
  • Waste water treatment plant outlets
  • Surface water analysis
  • Drinking water analysis
  • Industrial water treatments

awaVision & awaVision (Stainless Steel)

awaVision™ – Water Quality Monitoring System

Behold the awaVision™, where vigilance and responsiveness meet.


You never have to worry about abnormal water conditions going unnoticed with this automated monitoring system awaVision™, and its stainless-steel variant. We ensure it remains alert 24/7 to take care of your fish’s environment and notify your control station operator whenever conditions are suboptimal, so that you and your staff can take action when necessary, and maximise the remaining time for other things that matter.


How awaVision™ came about

Awa has grown beyond its roots in enhancing the safety of drinking water, to gain the specialised expertise in monitoring fish activity that it possesses today.


Before 2009

  • Began extensive R&D to develop prototype and proof of concept
  • Showcased proof of concept at Singapore International Water Week 2008


  • Continued further R&D in drinking water monitoring
  • Pioneered first prototype for testing


  • Produced software and hardware


  • Developed Fish Activity Monitoring System (FAMS)


  • Awarded first ever public tender to install, commission and maintain FAMS under the Public Utilities Board (PUB) all across Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia


  • Conducted maintenance for all FAMS facilities


How awaVision™ helps you

awaVision™ analyses fish activity with computer vision. This means it is completely automated, and conducts surveillance 24/7, so that we can keep a close look out for your fish’s behaviour, to detect abnormal events like water contamination, and alert you or your staff promptly.

Despite our leading technology, awaVision™ helps you remain competitive by allowing you to reap considerable cost savings. In addition to the reduced need for manual monitoring, our efficient system takes care of your spending with its low reagent consumption and maintenance costs.


At Awa Instruments, we treasure long-term partnerships, so this opens doors for services more than just monitoring fish activity; you could also stand to enjoy extended technological solutions for other living bio-entities in future.


BioSens – Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Monitoring System

Environmental responsibility at your convenience.

With BioSens, you get quick and accurate results right in your laboratory. Our revolutionary measuring technique ensures that BioSens measure the actual BOD levels of your samples within just 40 minutes and not a correlation with COD or TOC values. Never again do you have to wait for days like when you were using systems that operate on the BOD3 and BOD 5 methods.


Why BOD matters

BOD indicates the consumption of dissolved oxygen (DO) by micro-organisms when they breakdown bio-degradable substances in waste waters through oxidation.


Waste waters with high BOD contain dangerous levels of microorganisms that deplete DO quickly. When waste waters with high BOD are discharged into common streams and rivers, the ecosystem is threatened as aquatic life suffocate and decline. It is therefore important for us to play our role in monitoring the BOD of our disposals so that we may keep them within the levels prescribed by the regulatory authorities, and conduct waste treatment promptly whenever necessary. With the growing concerns for environmental awareness and sustainability, staying responsible benefits not just the environment, but also our business in the long run.


How BioSens helps you

Gone are the days where we needed to conduct intricate steps like dilution, incubation or titration that comes with traditional methods. With our uniquely patented Bio sensor, you can now measure actual BOD contaminant of your waste samples within a short span of time.

Our graphical touchscreen user interface allows you to navigate functions and view results with unprecedented convenience, all at your fingertips. Keeping daily records will also be no fuss at all with our USB and Ethernet ports, as you may export, store, and view data reports almost instantaneously on external platforms.

With effective and consistent monitoring of effluents, you will be able to refine your waste management processes to enhance efficiency, and enjoy hassle-free regulatory inspections and compliance. That is how BioSens makes staying responsible easy, so that you make better use of resources for your business developments in the long run.

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